Thursday 4 February 2010


The Guardian produce all of their own in house design work. These pieces of advertising are for the Guardian Soulmates websites - their own online dating forum. The designs focus around simple image/illustration and then things which come together to make 'the date'. I have highighted these because they are similar to my 'pairs' idea for Valentines cards.

Each advert focuses on a different 'date' activity and lists the things that might occur. My favourite is the cinema - 'Bogar, Bacall, A couple of plot twists, some midget gems, and adebate about the ending'. This nicely sums up a date to see an old movie, something that could have been listed as a favourite hobby within a persons profile.

The majority of these summaries work quite well; the illustration complements, but allows the type to be the main focus of the advert. The design is strongly 'Guardian'; using bold colours and blocky type. Overall they are very engaging and quirky

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