Monday 24 May 2010

Context books...

I have finished three of my context pieces!
I am making 4 separate items, each detailing a different area of print. I have finished making the three books - Print Processes, Finishing Techniques and Industry Interviews. I am yet to print the timeline because I am waiting for the right paper to be available in the print dungeon (i need it on a very long roll!)
I have designed very simple covers for the books (which will also work for the fold out timeline). They fold around the inside of the book, and provide an area for the introduction to go on each document. I wanted to make the cover in this way because it will work for the timeline as well, which can't have a cover attached because it folds out. Here are some photos of the three finished books...

I am going to package all four of the documents together somehow. At the moment I am leaning to ward a paper band, or a tracing paper envelope with a paper band around the outside. I want the finished piece to feel special, but not precious as I would like it it to be used and read.

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