Thursday 27 May 2010

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I have had to find images to go along side all of my explanations of the printing processes, the finishing techniques, the interviews and to illustrate my timeline. The books that I have been using have helped me to think about where I can find the right imagery, and I will probably use some of the images from the books. I do want to find good examples for each section, so I have been googling myself silly to find the best way of showing these:

These are all of the images that I have used within the finishing techniques book. Most of these images were quite easy to find, though some proved difficult:

1. Laminating stock
ReachMedia Digital Printers

2. High-gloss brochure

3. Spot-varnish card 1

4. Spot-varnish card 2
Best Business Card

5. Foil blocking die

6. Foil blocking
VIP Print Limited

7.Die-cut menu/programme

8. Die-cut business card
Pressing Letters

9. Embossing plate

10. Embossed brochure
VIP Print Limited

The majority of these images have been found as examples from printers websites. I'm really pleased that I have managed to find such good examples for each technique and been able to show some of the dies that are used within the processes.

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