Thursday 21 January 2010

Clintons 2010

I chose these 4 cards from the Clintons range for Valentines 2010. I have chosen these specifically because they are similar to the types of designs that I am thinking of producing. I know that they are all quite different from each other, but I think that they all carry a sense of youth and fun. The designs are in no way old fashioned, they are bright, engaging and they don't carry sickly sentiments.
The gift wraps were the only two I found. They aren't exactly amazing - the read background with white hearts is nice, but predictable and is in no way special. The I Love You type design seems to be a bit uncomfortable - the serif design doesn't work very well and fells as though it was rushed and just produced for the sake of it.

The card designs here are strong and interesting, but contrast the wraps are dull and boring. I wouldn't buy these wraps - I'd rather use brown paper!

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