Thursday 21 January 2010

Vintage Brands

Topshop wants to launch a sub-brand called The Bazzar, which is a collective of designers who sell in smaller shops and markets around London. The idea is to make this section of the store more eclectic and vintage-esq, though the clothing is not vintage per-se.

I have found it tricky to find logos that are for vintage and one of designers. I have found a few things that are quite interesting, and a few that have informed me of what not to do!

The Beyond Retro anchor design encapsulates the idea behind retro clothing, without going totally overboard and decorative. The design is two colours, which makes it feel quite simplistic, but the illustration adds a delicate and decorative element.

The Red Box Vintage logo is rather sickly, overly swirly and doesn't really say anything! I think that the pale pink against the pale grey is rather difficult to read, and overall I just don't want to look at it.

Blue Rinse - dull as dish water; there is no style or interest with this logo, and I have no clue as to what they sell at all!

Lulu's vintage is nicely balanced between being retro and cool, but still readable. I like the colour background, but think that the type design is a bit obvious for retro clothing, but it still works!

Some of these logos don't say anything about the products they represent. Topshop 'The Bazzar' will want a logo that is interesting whilst being readable, fresh, and representative of the brand. I need to find a way of communicating eclecticism without making the design too over the top and decorative.

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