Thursday 21 January 2010

Underwear Brands

Topshop want to create a sub-brand called Boudoir. I have looked at existing and similar companies to see how they brand themselves.

The majority of these underwear brands are available on the UK high-street, a few are by internet order only. Looking at all of these logos together, they all look rather dull. The majority use black as their primary colour which doesn't really evoke glamour or luxury very well. All of the designs are type based, which shows that the names are very important because these start to evoke the brand values and styles. Agent Provocateur is a rather self explanatory, but the use of a french intonation creates a sense of luxury, and something more sexy.

La Perla and Rigby and Peller are the most expensive brands shown here; they're logos are very similar in that they use serif typefaces and uppercase lettering. An established brand does not need to create such a facade around itself because people already know it's qualities and what they should expect from it.

The idea of keeping the logo simple is clear from these brands - a simple logo with maybe a decorative addition (Bravissimo) or the use of continual simple decoration to create the type (Ceriso).

I get the sense that some of these brands are holding back their real personalities, and using stayed and slightly bland designs because they don't want to put customers off. It is important that the brand appeals to a range of customers, but if you have a target audience, you need to speak to them first and most directly.

What I have learnt from this research:
1. Keep the name as the centre piece of the logo
2. Use delicate but minimal and well chosen decoration
3. Incorporate colour where appropriate to give the brand a style
4. Serif typefaces denote quality and luxury
5. Cursive and calligraphic typefaces denote glamour, beauty and femininity

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