Wednesday 27 January 2010

Morrisons Product Ranges

Morrison's have several food ranges in addition to their standard, mid range products.

The Best - Premium quality products
Free From - Products that contain no allergens - dairy, wheat etc
Food Fusions - A range of products that are aimed at food enthusiasts for cooking quality and exciting dishes
Fresh Ideas - Fresh easy meals aimed at those with a busy lifestyle but enjoy more than beans on toast for dinner. Recently introduced a range of single serving dishes
East Smart - Lower fat, sugar, salt etc.; for those who watch what they eat or are on diets
Organic - Over 350 organically produced products

What I have learnt from the research:
1. Morrisons is always written next to the logo in full
2. The branding for each range uses the name typographically designed - no other icon or symbol logos are used
3. The designs utilize photography - except the food fusions range, this is very plain and simple
4. The information is clear and concicse.
5. None of these ranges use the brand colours anywhere near as heavily as the current VALUE brand.

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