Thursday 8 October 2009


1. This card is rather expressive, and has a mixture of typefaces, colours and weights. The overall feel isn't exactly of a 'happy' birthday but more of a ransom note. I think that as a piece of design it is interesting, but not exactly greeting card material.

2. I really like the hand drawn quality of this cards. The background appears to be very simple with just two colours, but the eclectic mix of shapes and the texture they provide make it more than it could have been. The type element is very plain, the variation in size and weight works quite well, and enhances the handmade quality.

3. These bottom three cards are from Paperchase; relatively similar in their bold use of colour and text. The message is also rather simple, repeated several times, and with the mixed typeface cards, it works quite well because they're so decorative. A little over the top and bright, but as cheap cards they're pretty good!

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