Friday 9 October 2009

General typings...

These images are the remnants from my internet research which didn't fit into another category. I realise it's all a bit of a jumble, but there are things in here that are really going to help me with my design work.

1. These cards are very imposing, but the bold colours and letterforms work really well. Each card has not been overloaded with colour, and the embellishment has been kept to a minimum. There is no real message on the front of the card, this is left for the sender to write on the inside.

2. This is a slightly odd card, the monochrome is a bit disappointing, but the shape of the letters and the sort of squished composition makes up for this. The type has a more hand rendered quality that most of the other designs i have been looking at, but the quality of the letters works well.

3. These two invitations are very simple in their use of text. The placement of the letters is good, but they look a bit like they're floating randomly at the top of the page. It is however a good starting point for a design, but there are considerable improvements that could be made.

4. This is so simple, plain, pale, unembellished; but it is lovely. The subtle contrast between the paper and the type is lovely, and the shape of the letter, and the way the two words are tracked to fit perfectly is great. Simple and effective (maybe a little boring?)

5. As a card I don't like this design very much, but the way the type has been laid out is what I am interested in. The words have been set so that they sit perfectly within the square, and the mixture of colours for each letter helps to balance the hierarchy of the words.

6. Letterpress -again! I do like the quality of this design, the mix of just two colours, and the bright bold text. Very sweet, and suited to a valentines card.

7. Letterpress! Much more interesting layout and mixture of typefaces, lots of expression and good contrast between the ink colours and paper stock.

8. The mis-matched jumble of typefaces, colours and words is a bit crazy, but the overall feel and mood of the card is great. I like that a variety of serifs, sans serifs, script and outline fonts have been used, as well as flipping the words around so that the read from lots of angles.

9. This piece is good in the sense that it uses a variety of typefaces, but the type looks stretched and slightly squashed in places. Not very exciting really.

10. This hand drawn type piece is lovely, I really like the mixture of typefaces and colours and the way some of the letterforms are embellished. Overall it is a very over-the-top design, but it's pretty and the mis-matching works quite well.

11. This is my favourite piece from all of those shown. I love the simplicity of the design, the use of just one colour which is then mirrored in the envelope. The type itself is well set (sort of centred which I usually hate) and the inclusion of the small illustration is good. The texture of the design looks like an engraving, or possibly letterpress. The design is very cleanly printed and the mix of typefaces is not overly obvious, but is very effective.

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