Thursday 8 October 2009

Christmas Greetings...

1. This Noel card is very simple, but very effective and pretty. I like the way the letters overlap to create areas of brighter colour, and that the type is not overly embellished.

2. The christmas tree shaped text seems a little bit done, but I think there is something effective going on. The combinations of typefaces do not work that well together and don't create a great overall image. The message is clever but I think that the christmas tree is a bit of a weak way to communicate it.

3. I like the simplicity within the lowercase 'christmas', and that the patterns within the letterforms provide the decoration. The bow across the bottom is pretty, but maybe a bit pointless. I feel that this would appeal to a varied audience; children adults, mainly women but it is a pretty general card.

4. This letterpress style seasons greetings card is interesting, nice, brightly coloured. I think that maybe it's too done, the different sizes of type, texture of the letters, but I do like it. I think that it would appeal to those who want something a bit different for their christmas cards, but not too over the top, or ambiguous.

5. Similar to the previous card, the letterpress style is apparent, and the overlapping letters work well. The mix of colours and phrases is good, not too much, but interesting enough to make the design worthwhile.

6. The mix of type faces work together here, and I think that is because there is no mix of colours or textures to confuse the design or make it seem overly designed.

7. This concertina design design works really well - i love that it sort of reads in two directions, and that the colours are so un-christmassy that it feels like a proper card rather than a christmas necessity.

8. Letterpress-ish again; the mix of typefaces is good, and the pale colours make the design easy to take in. I think that it is possibly too pale, and maybe doesn't actually make a lot of impact. It could be better, but it could also be worse!

9. This last card has a more handmade feel, the contrast of type is good. I like the colours, though they are a bit 'new baby'. I think that using colours that may be a little unexpected is a good thing, but they need to be the right colours.

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