Tuesday 6 October 2009

Sustainable Packaging...

I have been researching my first brief for Design Practice 3, sustainable packaging design for a cosmetics range. I've used two websites to locate lots of different types of cosmetics packaging that can inform my design work for this project. There is currently a lot of research, but hopefully over time it will become more focused onto one particular style of design.

All of these are from either The Die Line or Lovely Package...

These fragrances all have exactly the same design, with only the colour as the varying element. I think that they're lovely as a set, very simple and understated, but one their own probably a bit dull.

I really like the label designs for these products, the colours are bright and inviting and the layout of the labels make the information easy to locate and read. Very sensible, but very simple and impacting.

This is a very refined package design. The colours are understated and chic, and the product is clearly very high-end. I think that the simplicity of the design shows that the product doesn't need to shout about it's assets, these are implicit from the design.

These designs are much more modern, but look a little cheap. The colours will make the product stand out, but the overall design is a bit loud and in your face - however, this may be suitable for the brand, and the tone of voice it wants.

This design is eye-catching and has good continuity across the products, but becomes more individual with the spot colours. The design is type based, which looks clear and 'no frills-esq', but the logo seems to be oddly out of place. It doesn't seem to tie in with the rest of the design, which is disappointing, but it doesn't ruin the design.

The type based design for these products works really well. The spot colour against white with the black type creates a very clean and simplistic design. The phrases rather than just basic product information gives another dimension to the product, and makes it feel more personal. The phrases are however a little weird - I think the products might be hotel toiletries, but I'm still not totally sure it makes sense.

This package design is very 'authentic'. For some reason I feel I could trust Co. Bigelow, they look like they know what they're doing, and probably have a bit of experience when it comes to toiletries. The simple colour combinations with numerous typefaces works quite well, even if there is a total overload of information!

This package seems to be a set of different types of hair gel/wax stuff. I am not totally sure why someone would purchase a large selection of hair products that probably all do the same thing.... The type design is quite nice though, its a bit modern and quirky, and the coloured swirls under the text are subtle, but make the black text pop.

I like the simplicity of this design, and the variation in the colour of the bottles is very subtle. The overall effect is very professional and informative, but there is a lot of text on the front of the bottle. I would expect there to be no info on the back, and if there was, wonder slightly as to what all the stuff on the front is for, and whether it is necessary or just bullshit?

I love the shape of these bottles, it is totally unexpected and quirky. It is nice that shape is allowed to speak for itself, and the information and logo are really low key. The colours are simple, subtle and nicely muted. It all looks very clean.

The illustration is what makes these bottles appealing, otherwise they're a bit generic. But I think that making some a bit generic rather impressive and desirable is quite an accomplishment, and every designers challenge. This design looks pretty and soft with ease and there is hardly any type to distract from the pattern.

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