Tuesday 9 March 2010

Book promotion...

I have been advised to produce the promotional material for the Orion book covers that I have designed. I have searched online for some hint of inspiration for the types of materials that I should be producing, but any has so far evaded me. I have managed to find a few photographs of various book shop displays, which provide a little insight into the types of design I should be working toward.

This display shows an illustrative images of the book in the centre of the window, with repeated banners either side in bright and eye-catching colours. The books are exhibited on the raised platform below, each relevant to their suspended banner. A very eye catching and strong display, showing the books and their content accurately.

This display is a rather more subdued design. The size makes these more difficult to make out, but the overall feeling is less exciting and more sensible. Still, the banner is large and easy to read from a distance, which is a necessity for any information displayed.

This window design is exciting and bold. There is no single theme here, but a variety of offers and genres of book displayed. The design is interesting and draws the viewer in with the mix and match sense of design. The signage is hand drawn onto blackboards, large and easy to read, but less regimented and styled. This allows the variety within the window to shine through.

This signage is shown within the store; varied and engaging. The designs show diversity, along with clear and defined information. The way the books are displayed is innovative to an extent, and tries to engage the viewer with more than just words or cover design alone. I am impressed with the humour and freshness of these designs.

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