Monday 29 March 2010

Contacting Professionals...

I have sent out e-mails to a number of different companies and designers that I want to include within my design context publication. I am hoping to get some strong, interesting and varied responses to my questions that will help me to understand the print industry better.

I phoned the companies before sending the emails, so that I could get a direct email for a designer, and so they knew what to expect. The majority of people were really nice, and said they were happy to help.

The emails are something along these lines..

Hi Lucinda,

Thank you so much for taking a few minutes to speak to me! I really appreciate all of the help I can get from experienced industry professionals.

My research project is about print design in it's broadest sense, and I am hoping to gain insight into how the designers (rather than consumers) feel about print. Please feel free to answer these yourself, or pass them onto anyone you think could help!

These are the questions:


Studio/Agency Name:

Areas of work within print design:

Please answer the following questions with regard to your personal design practice

The term 'Print' is broad and can refer to anything printed - packaging, layout, type for print, illustration for print, hand crafted print etc. It is whatever you understand print to be.

Why is print successful in communicating an idea/concept?

Why do you use print design as a communication tool?

Considering your own experiences of designing for print; what do you consider to be the best/most enjoyable thing about the print design process?

Do you think that digital media or screen-based design will ever fully replace the printed medium?

The print industry is large and contains a lot of diversity. What makes printed material appealing (to yourself and consumers)?

Why and for who is print design successful? Please specify clients.

Do you design for print and screen? Are there cross overs, and if so how do they work?

I am very grateful for your time and help, I am hoping that I will gain a lot of insight into print and how the diversity within the industry is working. Thanks again,

All the best

Alex Bucktin

Fingers crossed I get some responses soon!

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