Saturday 13 March 2010


I visited a company called Concept yesterday. Concept are a paper product design company who work from an office in Brighouse (near to Halifax and Huddersfield) I was lucky enough to visit them for a morning and have the opportunity to see what they make and how they work. Concept are a small team, 5 permanent members of the studio, with freelancers being brought in to produce more diverse and specialist design work. They produce a wide range of gift wraps, gift bags and gift accessories for a number of high profile clients including John Lewis, Tesco and Paperchase. It was really inspiring to see this small team of people producing products that are sold in huge quantities all over the country.

I asked a few of the designers some questions, to get an idea of how they work and what they most enjoy about their part in the print industry. I was also allowed to help make some mock-ups and pack up some prototypes that were being shipped off to a buyer for approval. I think that the best thing about the whole day was being able to experience the initial stages of how gift products are designed and produced, because it is an area of design that isn't particularly well documented or exhibited.

Thank you to everyone at Concept for their help with my work and for being so nice!

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