Tuesday 2 March 2010

Graduation Show Pro-mo...

I have found these examples of promotional material for degree shows. They are all quite diverse and different from each other, which is great to see because it will encourage me to do
something quite interesting and quirky.

Type seems to be the main focus of these designs, which is important because all of the information is included, and integrated as part of the design. Some of the shows have a theme or title around which the show and therefore promotional work is planned and designed. I like the idea of giving the show a theme or title to carry across all of the promotional material, and represent the essence of what the show is about.

The use of imagery seems to be limited in the sense of actual art work. The main idea seems to be to represent the show and all of the participants, rather than choosing an individual and putting their work on to pro-mo material. Obviously this is really important because the idea is that the show provides diversity.

Looking at these pieces here, I can see the importance of including certain aspects of information, and also the hierarchy of the information.

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