Sunday 14 March 2010

Books posters...

I have managed to find these two posters advertising books online. It is proving difficult to find anything better than these, books advertising seems limited. Anyway, these are quite different in a. what they are advertising, b.who they are aimed at and c. what they are informing you of.

The Lost Symbol; is a very stylised poster. The type is mixed up, with at least 4 different type faces used, one of which is very stylised and swirly. The overall feeling is of something quite exciting, but it is all so over the top and a bit mashed together. The information is obvious and clear, everything is there, it just looks a bit crap.

Harry Potter is much more about the retailer. The promotion is made clear, the type is simple and clean. The book image is repeated, but that doesn't seem odd, it sort of implies popularity and wide distribution. I know that this poster is for Sainsbury's, but there is no Sainsbury's logo or information regarding the retailer. Very different from the first poster, but it is advertising a totally different aspect of the book.

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