Thursday 18 March 2010

Poster Design...

I have been thinking about the design for the advertising poster I am going to produce for the Orion book covers. I am currently struggling with the overall 'shape' of the design, and how to approach it. I am looked for a few inspirational designs that will help me to produce something strong and eye-catching, but hopefully a bit different to the current poster that you see in book stores.

I found these posters at Design Reviver:

1. The main reason I have chosen this piece is because the main focus is a large illustration and the type is secondary, but still very strong. I like the use of the lines that divide up the information, and the use of different type faces (I have used varying typefaces within my book cover designs). The way the type is set and aligned is also nice, and makes the type a focus and a collective set of information

2. I am interested by this piece because it is set at an angle. The design is very simple, but still strong, and the information stands out. I do not think that angled type is appropriate for the book posters, but the simple way the information is presented might work well.

3. This design is very busy around the centre, but simpler around the edges. The whole design is focused around drawing the eye to the type. The type has a shadow on it, which makes it look like it is standing away from the illustration behind, and making is the first thing you look at. The shadow element creates stronger hierarchy.

4. This design is so simple and crisp. I really like the way the photography is used, and that the type is laid over the whole image. The poster makes impact because there is space and air around the type and the image, the colours also contribute because they are so strong and eye catching. The type is in a grey colour, which is softer and friendlier than black, and sits much better with the bright colours in the photograph.

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