Tuesday 2 March 2010

End of Year Show 2009...

This is the promotional material from last year's end of year show. It was designed by a 3rd Year college student,Merlin Mason. His design has a theme - The End of the Beginning, which sums up the idea of the students ending their time at college, but moving forward into their careers.

His design is very illustration based, and uses a limited colour palette, which is quite striking.

He has designed a leaflet that folds out into an A2 poster, an invitation to the private view, signage for the outside of the college building, an exhibition guide and a web button for the college website.

The promotional material is well designed, but I think that it doesn't represent the overall college. The use of the paint brush is very limiting, and does not represent the majority of the courses that will be exhibiting at the show, which I don't think that the students were particularly happy about. I want to produce a design that is more general and represents the theme I chose, rather than representing an 'art college'.

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