Thursday 1 April 2010


Morrisons current design:

My current Re-design:


The white background is quite strong here, and allows the type and image to stand out well. The two colours are a strong contrast to each other, which makes the design a little difficult because everything seems to have an equal impact. The images are a little odd, they seem to be recoloured, which is a bit strange. The overall design is quite strong, compared to mine I think that mine needs a little more consideration with the layout and placement of information.


Comparing this design to mine I can see that the layout of information is very central, and I think that this could work better for my design. Keeping the information central is strong, and makes the design feel balanced. The limited colours here work well, but the impact isn't amazing. I can see that my design needs to be lighter and less coloured.


Similar limited colour pallet, but the design feels much lighter and simpler. The orange colour works really well because it stands out so strongly against the white background. The hand written type is interesting and works well with the personality of this design. It is certainly stronger than my current design, mainly because it is fun and friendly.


These products feel quite high-end, despite being part of an 'essentials' range. The use of coloured illustrations is good, but they are very detailed and would take a lot of time to produce, which isn't very practical for value products. Compared to my design these feel much better quality, as they have a more considered design. The surface areas feel spacious and uncluttered. I want my design to be more desirable and attractive to the buyer, so I think that I need to focus on creating more space for the information within the design.

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