Monday 26 April 2010


I think that using characterisation for the childrens tea packaging will make the product appealing to both children and adults. I have been looking into packaging that use characterisation as part of their branding and product placement.

Baby Fuel
This character here seems to be relevant to both the adult and child. It has relevance to the name of the product but is also an endearing and cool icon for kids. The varied colours create diversity with the range, whilst being relevant to the product inside the box. A cool character, likely to appeal to boys rather than girls.

Heinz Baby Food
Designed By Cowan "In the Heinz Baby Food portfolio, the Cans play an important role delivering wholesome, convenient baby food. Creating 'Hero' characters from the keystone involes Mum and Child alike whilst utilizing colour-ways from the Hero brand reinforces Heinz can food heritage and credentials."

The use of characters here simply liven up the design to help them appeal to children. The cute and simple designs are suitable for young children who are slowly developing their understanding of shapes and colour.

Ecologiks School Supplies
Inspired by and manufactured for children, Ecologiks provides an alternative option to dull or generic school supplies. The illustrations are simple and brightly coloured, which is instantly engaging. The contrast with the brown paper is strong and allows the illustration to be a real splash of colour. I think that this type of product will not only appeal to children but adults too because of the sweet and simple nature of the illustrations.

Dr. Seuss Audio Books
Designed in keeping with the original Dr. Seuss illustration style, this audio book packaging has been created to be as engaging as the stories themselves. Using colour and patterns and bright, bold text, the packages present much more than just a CD.

Japanese Matches.
Not a specific brand of matches, but design to be fun and friendly. The heads of the matches has the faces of the character on as well, which is a little macabre! Very sweet and engaging, certainly for interesting than generic matches we can buy in UK supermarkets. The illustrations themselves area little rough and ready, but I think that is part of their charm.

A yoghurt based drink for children who don't like milk. Comes in 4 different flavours, each defined with their own character/illustrated fruit. The packaging itself is quite simple and basic, but the applied designs are bright and bold and make the product look fun. The grinning fruits are a little scary, but they're engaging and in a way quite sweet.

Hair Do Zoo
Stackable bath products for kids. Very cute and quirky designs, which have a more hand rendered feel to them (a lot of illustration is very vector based). The characters look a little shy, but they are endearing and very sweet

This packaging shows an illustrative version of the product it packages. I think that the use of the vector illustration helps to show the basics of the product, and the actual product itself is a development of this.

Basic Shapes
This height chart uses basic geometric shapes to create memorable characters. Cute and engaging they create another dimension to what could be a very dull product. The block black printing stands out brilliantly against the black background colours, which is such a simple way producing these designs.

Superdrug Nappies
Described by Superdrug: The simplified iconic animals images help identify the products on shelf and aid partners and family when purchasing i.e. “The red elephant pack”. And the large bold use of type for the age also helps identify which product to select. The packs simplicity is far removed from the chaotic graphic mess that dominates the nappy sector."

Very simple and clean take on the characterisation of products. The colour combinations work well because the character stands out, but also provide an area for type to sit within.

"By introducing a cast of fun stylized characters and a visual vocabulary that feels fresh and fun, the new Jell-o identity burst with vibrancy and joy. The simple graphic fruit characters, bright color-palette and naive typography makes the brand feel playful and pop without veering into overtly saccharine or Saturday morning cartoon territory." These characters are cute and intriguing and rather adorable. Their textures are more realistic, which helps to identify them as fruits. Pairing them with these bright and patterned circles creates a sense of fun and almost an explosion of taste, colour and excitement.

8th Continent
These aren't necessarily a children's product, but the characters featured are certainly suitable for children. A very relaxed and chilled atmosphere is given off by these characters. They are engaging and interesting without being too 'look at me'.

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