Monday 19 April 2010

Response: Nick Pye, Agent 8, Hampshire

Why is print successful in communicating an idea/concept? Accessibility, anywhere anytime. A physical media that can be very tactile.

Why do you use print design as a communication tool? To communicate directly with an audience in any way a client needs to. A very diverse media.

Considering your own experiences of designing for print; what do you consider to be the best/most enjoyable thing about the print design process? Most enjoyable part is seeing your design come to fruition being used by the target audience or end client.

Do you think that digital media or screen-based design will ever fully replace the printed medium? No. Print will always have its place.

The print industry is large and contains a lot of diversity. What makes printed material appealing (to yourself and consumers)? Again accessibility and physical contact.

Why and for who is print design successful? Please specify clients. Its successful for all clients. From promoting drug awareness campaigns for the NHS to a one-man-band handing out a business card.

Do you design for print and screen? Are there cross overs, and if so how do they work? Yes we work in both media, sometimes separately but a lot of the time together. Most brands we create span both print and screen. One can influence the other – in either direction. For the target audience sometimes one media leads to the other and vice versa – links between print and web. Print campaigns include web links. And web campaigns result in signups for print material delivered by mail.

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