Tuesday 20 April 2010

Really nice print...

An article from Grafik

A2/SW/HK Typographic Circle by Dan Rolfe Johnson


The Typographic Circle's latest event this Thursday is a talk by A2/SW/HK — a multidisciplinary agency with a commitment to providing bespoke, conceptual design solutions for each client and job.

To celebrate the talk, they've also made this letraset-inspired poster, but it's only available to members unfortunately. More information about membership and the event can be found here

I had to post this piece for an event by A2/SW/HK because of it's letraset inspired design. I had not considered letraset as a form of print up until this point, but I suppose that it could be. I think that letraset has become slightly iconic and it has an odd nostalgic place in the heart of designers, though I am not totally sure why. I like letraset because of the texture it has when applied to paper and it almost creates a print finish in its own right...Does transfer count as print?

On another note, A2/SW/HK have extensive experience in print based design including exhibition, layout and publication. A2/SW/HK

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