Tuesday 27 April 2010

Luxury Products...

I have researched a range of luxury products to get a better feel of how the styles and design elements they use. I really want my Luxury tea to have a high-end feel, so getting a little inspiration from current products is going to help me design a stronger product.

All of these designs below (sourced from The Die Line) have things in common, but are all very different from each other. There is no set of written rules when it comes to designing a luxury product, but I am going to analyse these designs and create a list of considerations/and techniques for myself to follow when I go into fully designing the tea packaging.

  • Refined - All of these pieces have a sense of refinement and purity. Their design has been considered deeply to create a personality that represents the product and reflects the type of person who it is aimed at.
  • Embellishment Vs. Minimal - Some of these products are heavily embellished and others are very minimal, but in each case the option between these two has been chosen in connection with the product. The decision to keep a product very minimalist or to create a beautiful background pattern to complement the branding is important because it will affect the personality of the product, and therefore influence the end user.
  • Serif Vs. Sans Serif - The options of type are very important to overall feel of the product. Mixing styles is not usually an option, but in some cases it can work well because it brings across the traditional and modern elements of a brand.
  • Colour - The use of colour will be one of the first things a consumer will notice; either the abundance or lack of it. Sitting in the middle of these two options could be dangerous as the product will blend in with others around it. Making a statement with colour will help the product to have an initially strong impact.
Considering all of these points, I feel that I can make a start on putting together some design styles for my luxury tea and finding something that will make it stand out from other products.

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