Friday 30 April 2010

Stock choices...

I have printed some tests onto different stocks. One side is laser print and the other is inkjet. I have done this to see which stocks I could use for my context books, and which is the best way of printing them.

The colour of the images below isn't great, but they do give a good idea of what stands out against each stock. I have tested mid-blue, pale grey, dark grey and a cream/off-white. I am settled on using either cream or white for the interior pages, but I wanted to see if a coloured cover stock would be suitable for the cover. I don't think the coloured stock works amazingly well, it drains a little of the impact from the coloured print.
I have deduced that the laser printed tests are much stronger than the inkjet prints. The colours are more punchy and the overall impact is much better. I am going to print my books through the laser printer. The colours will be stronger and it will also ensure that the back to back printing is spot on. I am going to use a heavier, possibly cream or off-white stock for the cover, as the colour will stand out well, but it will create a little more depth and texture to the overall document.

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