Thursday 21 January 2010

Gift Wraps and Bags - 2010

These are the gift wraps and bags that are available on the market at the moment. The designs for Valentines are probably quite obvious, but I think that these designs are quite modern, appealing and totally commercial.
These are the wraps and bags by M&S for 2010. The cut out heart shape that uses different textures has a very homemade feel, it is personal and non-commercial. Clearly the primary design for 2010, it covers two wraps, three bag designs and has a complimentary card design. Quite a ubiquitous and mature design, would be suitable for a wide audience.

The glittered pink bags is more flashy, probably suited to a younger audience, or those who appreciate a bit of dazzle. The use of glitter will make it more expensive than a printed bag of a similar size.

The black bag is very mature; possibly aimed at those who want to celebrate valentines day, but don't appreciate the commercial side. The large bow is girlie, but glamourous and quite sexy. The lack of pattern isn't noticed because the focus is on the bow; this would work well in contrasting colours - maybe black and pink, red or a white bag with pink or lilac ribbon. Overall the range is very suitable, commercial but not over sickly or lovey, and could be used for other occasions.

This is the gift packaging for 2010 by Paperchase. The top two bags are made from felt, more expensive than the coventional gift bag, but also longer lasting and slightly nicer to receive. The design on the left is sort of a one off, using an illustrative image. The felt bag on the right matches the rest of Paperchase's valentines range - the black and read hearts motif.

The heart shaped box is black with velvet/flocked hearts, the same with the bag. These are quite mature, and maybe a little more retro. The flocking is definitely something that is slowly coming back into fashion, and being used for gift packaging more frequently. The design is nice, uses hearts which is obvious, but the design is clearly of high-quality and well made.

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