Wednesday 20 January 2010

Topshop: Website and Sub-brands

I have looked at Topshop's website as my first point of research. This is the area in which their branding is strongest - in store the only place you see the logos and identity is on the labels and shopping bags. I have tried to find the pages on which the use of logo and type is most clear;

The website homepage shows only the basic Topshop logo - almost concealed in the corner. The use of a patterned back ground breaks up the darkness of the black; it also shows how Topshop like to use pattern within their designs - that it is fun.

These two logos are the main sub-brands Topshop currently has. The Boutique is higher priced, more classic and plainer clothing. Unique is more fashion forward, brighter patterns, quirkier clothing. These two logos seem in no way similar, and essentially they aren't; apart from the fact that they are both entirely type based. There is no use of image to help to describe the brand because this is done by the words and the type. This combination is very strong, and image would be unnecessary.
*The backgrounds are part of the photograph the logos were laid over; they are not part of the logo.

These are two of Topshops other sub-brands; Freedom is the name of their jewellery line and Sno is a small range of winter and mountain wear. These two brands also use only type as their logo. The names of the sub-brands really help to speak about the style of the brand, the names are expressive (maybe not Sno so much) but they require little explanation, which helps to give an eclectic sense.

Topshop have sections in the majority of their stores that are dedicated to other brands that are not part of the Topshop brand; this section is named Studio. Looking at these brands, they use similar devices with their logos - mainly type based, and a limited colour palette.

The Kate Moss Collection also has its own 'logo'. The stylised Kate Moss type is usually teamed with the Topshop logo and the double heart icon in the centre. The main logo use type, but the hearts are an addition to symbolise the relationship between Kate Moss and Topshop, to signify the collaboration.

Finally, these are the style genres that Topshop put together each season. Each genre is given a logo of its own, and again they are all very different from each other and express the ideas behind the collections of clothing.

What I have learnt from this research:
1. Topshop like variety and diversity
2. Their sub-brands are very different from one another and draw a wide range of customers
3. Their use of descriptive and emotive words helps to define ranges
4. They like to create genres and collections within larger ranges
5. They want to appeal to a wide range of customers

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