Thursday 21 January 2010

Homewear Brands

Topshop was to set up a home-wares range to be sold in Topshop stores as a sub-brand of the company. I have tried to find a few logos for companies that are entirely home-ware based, which is a little tricky as most stores sell home-wares along side other products. Anyway, here is what I have found:
IKEA is probably what jumps to the forefront of most peoples minds when they think of home-wares; they're logo is bold and iconic; the yellow and blue have a strong contrast which is really eye catching. There is nothing within the logo that denotes home-wares.

The Zara Home logo is nicely low key; the Home has simply been added onto the end of the existing Zara logo, but the design looks considered and clean. This design is also entirely type based, allowing products to speak for themselves.

The Habitat and Red Candy incorporate a house shape into the logo. The Habitat logo is quite lovely, using a heart inside the house. Very simple and clean, it complements the lower case brand name next to it. The Red Candy logo is tackier and less refined; this stikes me as a cheaper brand.

John Lewis - trusted, reliable, quality products. They do not sub-brand, but the John Lewis logo denotes all of these things because it is iconic and established.

What I have learnt from this research:
1. A clean and refined logo is better than something overdone
2. The use of only type can still evoke a style or personaility
3. The inclusion of image is not necessary, but may compliment text
4. Colour is important and should be considered as part of the identity
5. Tacky is terrible - refine the design!

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