Friday 22 January 2010

Morrison's Value Range

The current Morrison's Value range...

  • Two colour printing - yellow and green are the only printed colours, in some cases white is required and in some white is the substrate colour. Low printing costs
  • Clear - the VALUE stands out well, as does the name of the product.
  • Recognition - the brand colours make the products instantly recognisable as own brand products. Strong brand.
  • Cheap - The instant reaction is that the product is cheap and therefore lower quality
  • Colours - the colours clash and the yellow is ridiculously garish and bright. The yellow tone also seems to vary across the products
  • Hierarchy - the VALUE text is larger than the name of the product. The product name should be the first thing you see so that you can identify it on the shelf.
  • Information - the amount of information on the front of each product is limited. This looks a little careless and unconsidered.
  • Circle - the name of the product is designed to fit inside the circle, but in most cases the name is too long or short and there is a lot of wasted space within the circle with looks silly.
  • Ink - the amount of yellow ink on each product is huge which increases the cost of printing.

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