Thursday 21 January 2010

Topshop and Type

I subscribe to Topshop's weekly e-newsletter - Style Notes. Each week they highlight new ranges, styles and selections of clothing that have a genre. The email obviously contains images and written text, but they also highlight each area with a typographic heading/name. I have collected a selection from the archive of newsletters that I have to demonstrate their extensive use of type and the ways in which they adapt it.

The designs are all very different; a huge variety of colours, typefaces, and styles. You get a feeling of eclecticism and diversity, of great appeal to a wide range of consumer. The words themselves are very emotive, descriptive in a fashionable way - they play on culture and create a feeling about the products.

What I have learnt from this research:
1. Topshop like to use type to create a style
2. The use of type engages the reader and helps them to connect with the clothing
3. Topshop use type in a varied and very eclectic way
4. Topshop are a varied and experimental brand

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