Saturday 16 January 2010

YSP and Rob Ryan...

I visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park today - due to the recent adverse weather, the majority of the park was like a bog, thankfully I wore my wellies, but it did make it rather difficult to walk around and look at all the sculptures. Luckily, there was a Rob Ryan exhibit on as well, which definitely made the trip worthwhile! I'd never really looked at his work in much depth before, just odd pieces that other people had shown me in their research. I was really impressed with his work - it is so delicate and intricate, and must take forever to produce; i think what was most apparent for me was the way he incorporates text into his images in a way that makes you feel they are a whole, rather than words and a picture.

I picked up a couple of his cards, and bought a book called 'This Is For You' - which contains beautiful full page examples of his paper cuts.

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