Friday 22 January 2010

The Morrisons Brand

"We are one of the country’s largest supermarket chains, offering a range of goods including both branded and own label products. Our aim is to provide all our customers with the very best value for money wherever they live and uniquely, we have always charged the same prices in every one of our large stores." - Morrisons

Morrisons market themselves as a friendly and value for money brand. As a Morrisons customer I can safely say that they are just as dull and commercial as any other British supermarket chain, with no real feature to set them apart. I would suggest that; in terms of their branding and company image, they sit just between Sainsbury's and Tesco in the supermarket hierarchy:

1. Waitrose 2. Sainburys 3. Morrisons 4. Tesco 5. Asda 6.Lidl/Netto/Aldi

In terms of cost Morrisons are equal to Sainsbury's, and in some cases are more expensive. As a brand they want to give value for money, and offer own label products sold along side brands. The issue arises with the own-brand products - these need to equally appeal to the customer, if not more so. So how do Morrison's convince the customer into buying own brand products?

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