Monday 19 April 2010

Response: Chris Jackson, Elmwood, Leeds

Studio/Agency: Elmwood, Leeds

Why is print successful in communicating an idea/concept? Print is just the medium. It all depends on the idea and producing something appropriate for that idea and the people who will be viewing or engaging with it. It could be a piece of print but it also could be an event or something painted on the side of a cow. The medium can only enhance an idea, if the idea is bad it won’t matter how it is delivered.

Why do you use print design as a communication tool? We use print when it is appropriate for the idea.

Considering your own experiences of designing for print; what do you consider to be the best/most enjoyable thing about the print design process? Personally I really enjoy the beginning and the end of a project. At the beginning anything is possible and the idea generation element is something I personally really like. Like wise I really like seeing the end result, especially if it is a piece of print, I still get quite excited about going to see things coming off the printers presses.

Do you think that digital media or screen-based design will fully replace the printed medium? People have been predicting the end of print for years now, I don’t think it will ever truly die, prehaps it will become more niche. But people still like the sensory feel of a piece of print in your hand. I think it is that physicality of holding a piece of print that digital can’t yet replicate.

Why and for who is print design successful? Please specify clients. Print design in itself isn’t successful, great ideas brilliantly executed make successful work.

Do you design for print and screen? Are there cross overs, and if so how do they work? There are crossovers, but you still need a good idea at the heart of it.

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