Monday 19 April 2010

What is Letterpress?

I found this website belonging to a letterpress printer. It gives a very informative and concise explanation of what exactly letterpress is, as well as showing some very strong examples of work and the diverse areas in which letterpress can be used.

"Letterpress printing is a type of relief printing, meaning that the inked letters or image is literally pressed into the paper with a printing press, giving it the very distinct and tactile quality that most people recognize.Originally used with movable lead type, today’s designs can be created with polymer plates, hand-cut linoleum or wood, or metal engravings.Combined with original design and a variety of papers ranging from chipboard show cards to 100% rag artisan papers, there is an incredible amount of versatility, allowing for truly original custom work"

Letterpress is not a particularly modern printing process, but it is still in use today. One of the main reasons is because of the effects and textures it creates, which can be created using software, but is never as delicate or effective. I think that as a print process it seems to be timeless and appealing to so many audiences, there is something very strong and commanding about it.

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