Monday 19 April 2010

Response: Tom Greenway,GDC, London

Studio/Agency: GDC

Why is print successful in communicating an idea/concept? Print can still reach potential customers in places computer screens currently can't (although this is becoming less and less true with the introduction of things like the apple iPad replacing paper novels etc...). Its also incredible useful sometimes to leave behind a physical object as a constant reminder of your brand. Online media can't achieve that.

Why do you use print design as a communication tool? We use a mixture of print and digital communications. Once we've analysed a brief it is usually clear which method with produce the most successful result in our target audience depending on the type of person we are trying to talk to and the timing of when we want them to come into contact with our communication.People are very receptive to very nicely designed printed communications.

Considering your own experiences of designing for print; what do you consider to be the best/most enjoyable thing about the print design process? When budget allows us to use some of the more unusual processes, papers and coatings, it is incredibly exciting to see the finished item return from the printers. I know this will sound strange to most people but the smell of fresh print is just fantastic.

Do you think that digital media or screen-based design will ever fully replace the printed medium? Probably not in our lifetime but the steady creap towards digital communications seems set to continue at the same slow and steady rate.

The print industry is large and contains a lot of diversity. What makes printed material appealing (to yourself and consumers)? Printed media is a seriously competitive industry and getting hold of a consumers attention is usually your greatest task as a designer. I think everybody though, designers or consumers, love to receive something that looks like it has had a lot of effort put into it.

Why and for who is print design successful? Please specify clients. The answer to this could be a 5,000 word thesis, but Ill just give one example which was the student guide for Thanet College which was very successful and lead to a lot more work from that client.

Do you design for print and screen? Are there cross overs, and if so how do they work? Yes we do, and yes there are. Some design principals on spacing and layout cross over, others are completely different. A brand consistency has to be maintained perfectly across both mediums.

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